We are all about Roots & Fruits (Growing Roots & Bearing Fruits)



‘Electric’, ‘Anointed’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Incredible’ are just a few of the words people use to describe Grace Chorale, the Music Ministry of the church. Close-knit and ever-increasing in the spirit of worship, the award-winning Grace Chorale keeps raising the bar in standards of excellence.

From the inspiring and amazingly gifted singers to the anointed and skillful instrumentalists, Grace Chorale is known for its anointed worship that invokes the awesome presence of God
and provokes a rain of blessings on the church.

The Children’s ministry is commissioned to teach the children sound spiritual principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is important that all children of Christian homes be given the proper foundation in developing personal relationship with Christ in their homes, as well as in the church. This is very important in light of the current dangers associated with raising children today. Classes are divided according to groups as stipulated in our syllabus to enable reach every child physically, spiritually and socially. These are 3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years and 13-16 years.

They ensure the welfare of the Pastor, Guest Ministers and Visitors at all services.  They welcome them and make provision for refreshments for them when needed.  They project a very good impression of Grace Assembly at all times by their excellent, pleasant and warm reception.

These two departments are phenomenal! They propagate the spread of the gospel of Jesus within our communities and beyond. They help us fulfill the Lord’s commandment in Matthew 10:7 and Luke 9:2. They work alongside with the Prayer department to schedule prayer walks at strategic places in our locality and as the Holy Spirit leads. They also ensure that church leaflets, literature and tracts are available for distribution at all times. The Outreach department goes to the Prisons, Hospitals and Old People’s Home to share the love of Jesus and restore hope to people. They also offer legal services to inmates and help to rehabilitate them into the community.

This department provides Counseling and nurtures newly saved people in church to relative maturity in the Christian faith. They facilitate teaching of key foundational doctrines of the Christian faith to ensure that all attendees have a solid understanding and practical knowledge of them.

The Grace Assembly Multimedia and Web Ministry is made up of a dynamic and versatile team set up to use the medium of the internet and publications to make Grace Assembly known to the world. They provide visual information (song lyrics, scriptures, etc) to the congregation via LCD projectors. They also work in collaboration with other departments within the church to ensure that the website and church publications are up to date and have the relevant information that will be of help to the public. They also manage all photography requirements of the church.

Technical Department facilitates the provision of excellent and consistent sound amplification by ensuring effective functioning of microphones, musical instruments and appliances both on stage and in the auditorium so that everyone is effectively ministered to during services. They facilitate the work of the Pastor or the Guest Minister by ensuring that people are carried along during the service and also making sure that all the equipment are well set up and functioning optimally.

Our greeters are stationed at the entrance of the church to ensure that members and guests are given a warm welcome as they come into the church.

They maintain orderliness during church services by directing members of the congregation into designated areas assigned for them. Their smiling faces and cheerful disposition give the church a welcoming and homely atmosphere.

The Prophetic Dancers provide an energetic atmosphere for the manifest presence of God in every service through dance.

Love Fellowship provides a vital component of the church; it is a place where one can connect to a smaller group of people to develop friendships, build strong relationships and grow spiritually. They meet weekly in different homes throughout the area to share the Word of God, pray, encourage and fellowship with one another. The emphasis of these groups is five-fold: Fellowship, Discipleship, Multiplication, Leadership Development and Shepherding.

They are the powerhouse of the church. They provide adequate prayer cover and intercession according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They lead the church in making supplication to God for the church, community, country and the world at large. They lead Pre-Service Prayers, organize prayer meetings and vigils.

They ensure that the church is properly decorated and conducive to suit the various services and conferences hosted in the house. They are skilled at making the house of the Lord beautiful with flowers and such other decorative materials which will ensure that people find the house of God comfortable and conducive for the worship of our Most High God.

They facilitate the work of the Pastor and provide a hospitable and conducive environment for visiting Guest Ministers (both local and international) by taking care of whatever requirements /needs they may have, to ensure their comfort. The Protocol members are expected to wait on them, pray for them, listen to them and anticipate their needs.

Treasury department handles the churches finances. They count and record all of the church takings at the end of each service. They ensure thorough audits of the finances are taken, and reported to the pastorate.

They supervise all building and maintenance projects undertaken by the church and ensures all maintenance works are carried out in line with set standards and in a safe and compliant environment. They liaise with all external and internal building and maintenance contractors on behalf of the church.

This department is responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical church and its facilities. They act as backup support for the church during repairs, installations, carpentry, electrical services, etc.

These are church members entrusted with security of persons and property around church premises. They provide surveillance services within and outside the church auditorium before and during church services

We believe that the service experience starts from the car park. The traffic department assists in parking and traffic control. They ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all of those who come to worship.

Sanitation Department ensures that the building is kept compliant and tidy to ensure the health and safety of all our members and visitors. They liaise and work with other departmental leaders to ensure that the premises are kept tidy and in order at all time.

They ensure the recording, production, duplication, storage and sale of audio for all sermons, teachings and programs of the church on various media.

They present stage dramas and playlets that propagates Christian lessons and values during Church events.

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