In a way reminiscent of the manner in which God told Habakkuk to “write the vision down,” Pastor Femi Paul received instruction from the Lord in 2004, to make the message of the Gospel very visible, picturesque and eloquent by way of billboards. Within a short while, billboards with riveting pictures, but more importantly, thought-provoking, soul-searching and faith-building messages, personally crafted by the Visionary, sprang up all over the Lagos Metropolis.
The impact on believers and non-believers alike is awesome! Foreign visitors find them fascinating and international guest ministers often ask to take the concept back to their own countries.


The Youth Church of Grace Assembly is a ministry that serves as the transitory but extremely crucial place that young men and women need to pass through, between the lapsing of their teenage years and full-fledged manhood and womanhood.
Their membership is varied, diverse and extremely vibrant and colourful, with the freshness and optimism that is the signature of young people with dreams and goals to pursue. It is a platform for self-discovery through the grace and mercies of God, who would have them know who they are in Him, and waste no time taking their divinely appointed places in His scheme of things.


The Destiny Women’s Network is the Women’s Fellowship arm of Grace Assembly. Coordinated by Pastor Evelyn Femi-Paul, a woman of prayer and great sensitivity, and run by a team of vibrant leaders, DWN is made up of women of all ages, occupations and giftings, functioning harmoniously under one umbrella.
These women are passionate about the call of God upon their lives to be Notable, Exceptional women, with a strong voice and a wide sphere of influence in the Church, Home, Work place and the Nation. They are called by God to be pillars of support spiritually, financially and intellectually, that when they speak, nations listen.


The Men’s Fellowship of Grace Assembly is called 1000 Kings of Grace. They are men of all ages and professions who come together under one leadership and vision, to live out their mandate from God as high priests, leaders, providers and protectors for their families and the church.
They absolutely subscribe to the declaration of the set man of the house, Pastor Femi Paul, that being born male does not necessarily make you a man; there is so much more you should be in character, integrity and your level of responsibility before you can transform from just being male to becoming a man.


The Teens Ministry focuses on raising well rounded and spiritually sound teenagers; equipping them with what it takes to overcome the daily pressures of living as a teenager in today’s society. This ministry is designed for the girls and boys between the age of 13 – 19 years

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Location: Yard 158, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Lagos

Phone: +234 705 7755 555

Email: info@thegraceassembly.org


Location: Canaan Plaza, Elf Bus-stop, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos

Phone: +234 808 363 8808

Email: gatic@thegraceassembly.org


9:00am – Mainland Church,
8:30am – Island Church

6:00pm – Mainland Church,
6:30pm – Island Church